Quick Guides - Loan Originators

Quick Guides are 1-2 pages long and designed to help users with a very particular task. For quick guides specific to institutions, reference the Institution Quick Guides page.

 Form Filing

MLOs with an existing NMLS account must grant their employer access to their record in order to be registered with that institution.
How to submit and pay for an MU4R filing that your institution prepared for you.
How to complete and submit a Form MU4R filing.
Guides the MLO through attestation, which confirms the accuracy of the information in the MLO's record, prior to filing the MU4R.
How to view the status of your Federal Registration.
How to make changes (amendments) to your MU4R record.
How to change employment in NMLS.

 Professional Standards

Walks the MLO through the process of scheduling an appointment to have fingerprints captured.
Instructions for submitting a criminal background check after the first prints have been returned as illegible.


Instructions on how to pay an invoice in which the payment has failed.
Provides the steps to submit payment to NMLS using ACH

 Account Administration

Provides instruction to log in and use the self-help features for users that forget a username or password.
How to create an individual account in NMLS. (If your institution is utilizing the batch upload process to register MLOs, you do not have to complete this step.)
The “User Profile” section allows a user to manage their personal settings in NMLS such as their name, email address, phone number, password, and password question and answer.
As you attempt to log into NMLS, if you land on the state log in page versus the federal log in page (or vice versa), these steps will help you locate the appropriate context.

 Disciplinary Actions

How to provide required information for disciplinary actions.

 Mergers and Acquisitions

Provides the steps necessary for an individual MLO to confirm the transfer of employment after an acquisition has taken place.


Assistance with plug-ins and TTY phone instructions.


Guides individuals through the steps to attest and renew their federal MLO registration.
Guides individuals through the steps to attest and reactivate their federal MLO registration.