Getting Started: MLO

​Getting Started

The NMLS Federal Registry is the system of record federally chartered or insured institutions and their mortgage loan originators (MLOs) must use to meet the registration requirement.

Step 1: Determine if You Must Register with NMLS

Any individual who meets the definition of an MLO and is employed by a federal agency-regulated institution must register with NMLS.  The NMLS federal registration process starts with your employing institution. Confirm your registration requirement with them before proceeding.

Step 2:  Get Prepared

You must complete and attest to Form MU4R to register. This form is completed and submitted online through NMLS. 

Prepare by reviewing the required fields: Form MU4R Fields

Step 3:  Obtain an NMLS Account

Wait for your employer to create your account on NMLS.  Your employer can create your NMLS account. Once they have created your account, you will receive an email from NMLSNotifications with your username and temporary password. Log into NMLS with those credentials, then update your password and email address. Use an email address that you can access regardless of employment. You will need to maintain this account throughout your career in the mortgage industry.

If your employer is not creating an account on your behalf, you can request an account yourself. 

See Quick Guide: Create an Individual Account for assistance.

NOTE: The information used to create the account must be accurate, complete and reflect information found on legal documentation. Inaccurate information may result in one or more duplicate accounts. If duplicate accounts are created, the responsible individual or company is​ liable for all fees associated with resolving the error. 

If you already have an existing NMLS account because you are or were state licensed or federally registered, you must grant your employer access to your existing NMLS account. Your login information and NMLS ID do not change. If you have forgotten your login credentials, select the Forgot your Password? link on the login page. 

See Quick Guide: Granting Institution Access for assistance.  

CFPB Privacy Act Statement

Step 4:  Complete the Form MU4R

Ask your employer which of the three options below apply:

  1. Your employer is initiating, submitting and paying for your registration (Preferred ):
    Wait for NMLS to notify you to log into your account, then complete and attest to the Form MU4R. See Quick Guide: MU4R Attestation for assistance. 
  2. Your employer is initiating your registration but you will be responsible for submitting and paying:
    Wait for NMLS to notify you to log into your account, then complete, submit, and pay for the Form MU4R. SeeQuick Guide: Submitting your MU4R (Institution Initiated) for assistance.
  3. Your employer is requiring you to initiate, submit, and pay for your registration: Log into NMLS, create a filing, complete and submit the Form MU4R filing, and pay.  See Quick Guide: Submitting your MU4R (MLO Initiated) for assistance.

If you will be paying fees, seeNMLS Payment Options for information on payment methods.​