Getting Started: MLO

Getting Started

Step 1: Determine if you need to be federally registered through NMLS

Any individual who meets the definition of a mortgage loan originator and is employed by a federal agency-regulated institution will need to be registered on NMLS.

Be sure to speak with your employer.  The NMLS federal registration process starts with your employing institution, so you need to speak with them to determine if you need to be registered before proceeding any further.

Step 2:  Get prepared

To be registered, you will need to complete and attest to Form MU4R, which contains information about yourself and your professional work history.

This form will be completed and submitted online through NMLS, but you can prepare yourself by reviewing the required fields: Form MU4R Fields

Step 3:  Obtain an account on NMLS

Wait for your employer to create your account on NMLS.  Your employing institution has the ability to create NMLS accounts for its employees.  When they do, a user name and password will be automatically sent to you at the email address provided by the institution.  Upon receipt of this email, you should log in to NMLS and change your password and email address to a personal email address that will stay with you regardless of employment because you will need this account throughout your professional career in the mortgage industry.

If you already have an existing NMLS account, because you are or were state licensed, you will continue to use the same login information and retain the same NMLS ID number.  You must grant your employer access to your existing NMLS account. For simple instructions, see Quick Guide: Granting Institution Access. (If you cannot remember your password, go to the login page and choose “Forgot Your Password?”)

If you have confirmed that your employer is not creating an account on your behalf, you can request an account yourself.  For simple instructions, see Quick Guide: Create an Individual Account.

CFPB Privacy Act Statement

Step 4:  Log into NMLS & complete your Form MU4R

Ask your employer which of the three options below you are to use to complete the registration process:

  1. Your employer is initiating, submitting and paying for your registration (Preferred Option):
    Wait for an NMLS notification advising you to log in to your NMLS account and complete and attest to your Form MU4R. For simple instructions, see Quick Guide: MU4R Attestation.
  2. Your employer is initiating your registration but you will be responsible for submitting and paying:
    Wait for a NMLS notification advising you to log in to your NMLS account and complete, submit, and pay.
    For simple instructions, see Quick Guide: Submitting your MU4R (Institution Initiated).
  3. Your employer is requiring you to initiate, submit, and pay for your registration:
    Log in to NMLS, create a filing, complete and submit Form MU4R filing and pay.  For simple instructions, see Quick Guide: Submitting your MU4R (MLO Initiated).

If you will be paying fees, see NMLS Payment Options for information on payment methods.

Step 5: Save your user name and password

You will need to access your NMLS account whenever your information changes, including changes in employment, as well as during annual renewal.  NMLS is designed so that you maintain full control of your record throughout your career in the mortgage industry.

Make sure your NMLS account contains your personal email address so that you maintain access regardless of future employment.  Keep your User ID and Password in a secure place but not so secure that you forget it!