Quick Guides - Institutions

Quick Guides are 1-2 pages long and designed to help users with a very particular task. For quick guides specific to loan originators, reference the Loan Originator Quick Guides page.

 Form Filing

How to create and submit your institution's first MU1R filing.
Walks the institution through completing Form MU4R on behalf of the MLO.
Instructions for companies hiring an MLO that already has an existing account in NMLS.
Batch upload functionality allows Institutions to create a base record, user account and/or initiate filings for multiple mortgage loan originators (MLOs) at one time.
How to change the employment start date for an individual MLO.
How to make changes (amendments) to your MU1R record.
If your institution is already state-licensed on NMLS, your company does not need to submit a new company account request. One of your Account Administrators will need to request filing authority for the Federal Registry.
How to request filing authority for the State context of NMLS, if your institution is already federally registered.

 Employment Management

Employment record management allows the institution to manage an MLO’s employment record in NMLS. This guide helps the user to confirm, reject, correct or terminate an employment record.
How an institution can terminate employment individually or in bulk.
The template used for entering MLO data during the Bulk Employment Termination process.
Use this document as a reference when entering MLO data into the Bulk Employment Termination Upload File Template to ensure the file processes successfully.

 Professional Standards

Instructions to check the status of a criminal background check for an individual MLO and view results.

 Account Administration

Provides instruction to log in and use the self-help features for users that forget a username or password.
An overview of the different options available from Symantec for users who are required to have a second factor of authentication.
Provides guidance to Account Administrators on how they can manage passwords and user roles.
A catalog of the system notifications sent to registrants via NMLS.
How to register two-factor authentication credentials in NMLS.
Account Administrators have the capability of paying the Credential Subscription fee for institution users who are required to use two-factor authentication with a VIP credential.
How to create an institution user account in NMLS.
How to create and manage users to have access to the institution account.
How to add and delete contacts and manage the notifications that contacts receive from NMLS.


Instructions on paying fees when MU4R filings are submitted by an institution on behalf of an MLO.
Instructions on how to pay an invoice or repay a failed payment.
Provides the steps to submit payment to NMLS using ACH.

 Mergers and Acquisitions

Provides the steps necessary for an institution to complete the transfer process for the MLO's they have acquired.


Provides instructions for the institution to complete the renewal process for the institution and employed MLOs.