Getting Started: Institution

​​​​Getting Started

The NMLS Federal Registry is the system of record federally chartered or insured institutions and their mortgage loan originators (MLOs) must use to meet the registration requirement. 

Step 1:  Determine if your Institution is Required to Register with NMLS

Your institution must register with NMLS if it employs individuals who are required to be federally registered as MLOS and is federally chartered or insured by one of the following agencies: 

  • ​Farm Credit Administration
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
  • Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System
  • National Credit Union Administration
  • Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Treasury

AND, if your institution employs individuals required to be federally registered as mortgage loan originators, your institution must register with NMLS.

See the Final Rules published by the agencies listed above on July 28, 2010 for definitions of covered institutions and mortgage loan originators. Contact your  Federal Agency if you have questions about these definitions.

Step 2.  Confirm your Institution's Information in the NIC Database​

Go to the NIC Database Website and click the Institution Search tab to find and review your institution's information. If you find any incorrect information for your institution, you need to contact your Federal Reserve district to request a correction. Visit the Federal Reserve Banks's Contact page to look up the proper district contact for your institution. If corrections are made, it may take up to three days for the NMLS Entitlement Center to update. You can complete the institution account request once the information updates.​​

Step 3:  Request an Institution Account on NMLS

Complete the Company Account Request Form. You must identify two Account Administrators on the request form. Information your institution provides in the Company Account Request Form, including: name, address, RSSD ID number, and primary federal regulator, will be validated against information contained in the NIC Database. The validation process takes three to five business days​.  Once your request is validated, the system will create an account for the institution and issue usernames and passwords to the Account Administrators. 

Note for institutions with an existing NMLS account:   Do not submit the Company Account Request Form. An existing Account Administrator can log in and request federal filing authority to gain access to the Federal Registry. 

Step 4:  Obtain Two-Factor Authentication for all Institution Users

All users associated with your institution's NMLS account must use a second authentication mechanism before they can log into their account. See Frequently Asked Questions about Two-Factor for more information.

Users who are required to have two-factor authentication must use a security credential from Symantec.  Go to the Symantec website to choose your VIP security credential and then log into NMLS. See Quick Guide: Choosing a VIP Security Credential for more information.

Step 5: Complete and Submit Form MU1R​

Complete the Form MU1R filing and pay the associated fees. See Manage Institution Registration Navigation Guide for assistance with completing the form.

NMLS processes all payments electronically and accepts credit cards and ACH.  See NMLS Payment Options for information about payment methods.

Step 6:  Repeat Steps 1 - 5 for Each Subsidiary Required to Register MLOs

MLOs must be registered by their direct employer. If the employing entity is a subsidiary of a federally-chartered or insured depository institution, then the subsidiary must have a separate account on NMLS and register a Form MU1R before registering MLOs.

NOTE: The Account Administrators for the subsidiary must be the same as the Account Administrators for the parent institution.

Step 7:  Determine Who Must be Registered

Determine which employees within your institution meet the  MLO definition according to the Final Rules and review the registration information required from each individual on Form MU4R (see Form MU4R Requirements).

Step 8: Choose a Workflow

The registration process can be accomplished several ways.  Review the following sample workflows and choose one that applies.

Step 9:  Gather MLO Data

NMLS allows institutions to batch upload MLO information in bulk in order to create their accounts on the system.  The batch upload process requires that you compile basic identifying and contact information on each MLO.  The documents below will help you gather the necessary information required. Once all information is gathered and you’ve filed your institution MU1R as noted in Step 4 above, you can begin the batch upload process.  

NOTE: Inaccurate information provided during the batch upload process may result in one or more duplicate accounts. If duplicate accounts are created, the responsible individual or institution ​is liable for all fees associated with resolving the error. 


Batch Upload Specifications 
Batch Upload Template (CSV)

See Navigation Guide: Institution Management of MLO for more information. 

Step 10:  Register Your MLOs

Your institution's Account Administrators will receive email confirmation of a successful form MU1R registration. Now your institution can register its MLOS. Follow the steps of the workflow you have chosen or see Navigation Guide: Manage MLO Registration for more information.  

Step 11: Review MLO Registration Information

Once your MLO has attested to the Form MU4R, review that information and request corrections as necessary.  Authorized institution users can also review any pertinent criminal history record information generated by the criminal background check.

Step 12:  Confirm Employment and Complete the Federal Registration Process

After the institution has reviewed all of the MLO’s information in NMLS, it can choose to either confirm the MLO’s employment record, create an active registration, or reject the employment record.