Ad Hoc Reports

On occasion, an NMLS institution user may require information that is not available through a system report. NMLS provides users with the ability to request additional information in the form of an “ad hoc” report. Ad hoc reports require unique programming to run the specific query as well as the involvement of operational and technical support staff to work with the requester to ensure the report captures what is intended.

Custom Ad Hoc Report
Where an institution wants a unique report tailored to a specific situation they have, they can request an ad hoc report. SRR staff will work with the entity individually to develop the report parameters.

For information and instructions on how to request an ad hoc report, please refer to the Ad Hoc Report Request Process.

Standardized MU4R Ad Hoc Report
Where SRR has found multiple users requesting a similar report, SRR has worked with users to develop a standardized report that can be run for different institutions to meet a specific purpose. This has allowed SRR to lower development costs by creating a standard query that is merely personalized for the institution. Samples of available Standardized Ad Hoc Report is below.


Standardized Ad Hoc Report Samples

MU4R Report – A report containing information to track the status of MLOs through the filing process.